Ritual Kits - 3 variations

Boho Soul
Height 6.00 (in)
Width 5.00 (in)
Depth 1.40 (in)
Spiritual Guide Ritual Kit

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Elevate your energy and expand your awareness  with this Smudge Set. Intentionally curated to help you connect mind body and spirit as you meditate and listen to the natural rhythms of the planet.


What is Smudging? A sacred Native American cleansing practice passed down for centuries that involves burning botanical bundles and sticks to cleanse negative energy and purify self or a space.


When to Smudge? Daily or specifically after a death, in a new home, before a new job, before/after a guest visits, after an illness or difficult life event, before/after yoga after heart break and much more.


What’s included?

Guide: Step-by-step “How to Smudge” instructions.

Sage Smudge Bundle: Purifying smoke carries away negative energy while enhancing intentions.

Palo Santo Wood Stick: Holy wood naturally sourced in South America, its smoke manifests positivity and seals in spiritual healing.


*Cleans your space; dispels negative energy

*Reusable; everyday use

* Creates uplifting fragrance

* Soothes Stress

*Boots Energy